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D 18402 April 14, 1994 Smyth, Frank French Guns, Rwandan Blood New York Times
D 2763 June 10, 1994 Lewis, Paul Rebels in Rwanda Said to Slay 3 Bishops and 10 Other Clerics New York Times
D 20664 June 15, 1994   Shameful Dawdling on Rwanda New York Times
D 20665 June 16, 1994   U.S. to Supply 60 Vehicles For U.N. Troops in Rwanda New York Times
D 20667 June 16, 1994   France May Move In to End Rwanda Killing New York Times
D 2770 June 27, 1994 Bonner, Raymond Rwandan Enemies Struggle to Define French Role New York Times
D 793 1er juillet 1994 Bonner, Raymond Grisly Discovery in Rwanda Leads French to Widen Role New York Times
D 2772 July 1, 1994 Bonner, Raymond Grisly Discovery in Rwanda Leads French to Widen Role New York Times
D 2773 July 2, 1994 Bonner, Raymond As French Aid the Tutsi, Backlash Grows New York Times
D 2777 July 5, 1994 Bonner, Raymond French Establish a Base in Rwanda to Block Rebels New York Times
D 21021 July 6, 1994 Smyth, Frank The French Don't Look Neutral in Rwanda New York Times
D 21022 July 19, 1994 Lorch, Donatella Rwanda Rebels' Victory Attributed to Discipline New York Times
D 14411 July 25, 1994   Rwanda Plans Prosecutions New York Times
D 20468 August 5, 1994 Bonner, Raymond Rwandans Say the Victors Kill Many Who Go Back New York Times
D 20469 August 5, 1994 Perlez, Jane A Stubborn Killer of Refugees : Dysentery New York Times
D 20470 August 5, 1994 Schmitt, Eric Pentagon Worries About Cost of Aid Missions New York Times
D 3932 14 novembre 2002 Landesman, Peter Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, la barbarie au féminin New York Times
D 3922 8 août 2004 Perlez, Jane Rwandan Accused in Genocide Wins Suit for U.N. Pay New York Times
D 10440 August 10, 2011 Gettleman, Jeffrey U.S. Relies on Contractors in Somalia Conflict New York Times
P 10442 10 août 2011 Heisler, Todd A Ugandan soldier leads Richard Rouget, a military adviser with Bancroft Global Development, to the roof of a building to monitor a firefight. New York Times
D 5555 11 janvier 2014   Toiling to Bring Rwanda Genocide Suspects to Justice New York Times
D 21384 June 3, 2014 Landler, Mark Declassified U.N. Cables Reveal Turning Point in Rwanda Crisis of 1994 New York Times
D 20328 December 13, 2017 Moore, Jina Rwanda Accuses France of Complicity in 1994 Genocide New York Times
D 20329 December 13, 2017 Sotto, Philippe Rwanda-Backed Report Alleges France's Role in 1994 Genocide New York Times