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P 17121 3 juillet 1994 Kiley, Sam French soldiers hand over an unwilling Genocide victim to militiamen at a road block during the Genocide. (File) [Wrong interpretation] The New Times
D 18559 September 9, 2008   Parents demand for their illegally adopted children The New Times
D 11213 November 13, 2008 Kimenyi, Felly Rwanda: Key Bruguiere Witness Retracts Testimony The New Times
D 21735 June 14, 2012 Melvern, Linda Why Judge Mutsinzi is wrong on the ‘Mistral missiles file’ discovery The New Times
D 8759 July 4, 2014 Munyaneza, James Kabarebe on why RPA prevailed despite early setbacks The New Times
D 17023 28 septembre 2016 Karuhanga, James US deports Genocide suspect Munyakazi The New Times
D 18122 November 1, 2016 Rwirahira, Rodrigue Genocide: CNLG dossier pins 22 top French military officers The New Times
D 18120 November 11, 2016 Bishumba, Nasra More French implicated in Genocide to be named The New Times
D 18132 November 24, 2016 Mbonyinshuti, Jean d'Amour Govt: Catholic apology for role in Genocide inadequate The New Times
P 17762 January 10, 2017   King Kigeli V passed on last year, he was 80 The New Times
D 18453 April 24, 2017 Ntirenganya, Emmanuel Belgian priest’s book exposes previously hidden facts about missionaries in Rwanda The New Times
D 22852 July 1, 2017 Karuhanga, James More evidence pins French officials on Rwanda Genocide The New Times
D 20175 November 19, 2017   Kagame confers National Order of Outstanding Friendship medals The New Times
D 20393 December 22, 2017 Munyaneza, James French judges close Habyarimana probe The New Times
D 21077 February 28, 2018 Bizimungu, Julius Plan to set up hi-tech surgery centre in Kigali gains momentum The New Times
D 21435 April 11, 2018   We had no chance of escape, says woman who lost husband, all her six children in Genocide The New Times
D 22910 September 30, 2018 Karuhanga, James Rwanda confirms Belgium willing to return archives The New Times