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D 7569 June 5, 1992 Curley Rwanda talks in Paris: DAS Davidow with Quai Africa director Dijoud US Embassy Paris
D 7903 December 16, 1992 Curley A/s Cohen's Discussions With The French On Rwanda US Embassy Paris
D 6838 June 7, 1993 Harriman Gof Requests Urgent Meeting to Resolve Rwanda Impasse US Embassy Paris
D 7819 April 12, 1994 Harriman Talks with the GOF on Rwanda, April 12, 1800 hrs US Embassy Paris
D 7381 April 28, 1994 Harriman Rwanda: Discussions in Paris at the Quai, the Élysée, MSF/France and with Rwandan Ambassador US Embassy Paris
D 4081 April 29, 1994 Harriman Meeting with the Rwandan Interim Government Foreign Minister in Paris US Embassy Paris
D 7007 April 30, 1994 Harriman Meeting with the Rwanda Interim Government US Embassy Paris
D 7382 May 3, 1994 Bohlen Rwanda: Discussions With The Quai On May 3: Marlaud Mission ; Emergency aid ; Trilaterals US Embassy Paris
D 7799 May 6, 1994 Bohlen Visit of Ambassador David Rawson to Paris, May 8-10 US Embassy Paris
D 19595 May 11, 1994 Harriman Dealing with the French on Rwanda : Shared Objectives, Different Logic US Embassy Paris
D 6458 July 7, 1994 Harriman Demarche On French Humanitarian Zone In Rwanda US Embassy Paris
D 1110 July 13, 1994 Bohlen Consultations with France on Rwanda War Crime Issues US Embassy Paris
D 6688 July 13, 1994 Bohlen Consultations with France on Rwanda war. Crimes issues US Embassy Paris
D 6836 July 13, 1994 Bohlen GOF Confirms Troops Will Stay Slightly Longer in Rwanda US Embassy Paris
D 6498 August 12, 1994 Harriman A/S Shattuck's meeting with French on Rwanda US Embassy Paris
D 6715 August 13, 1994   DRL/MLA Director Rosenblatt's Meeting with Belgian Official on Rwanda Tribunal and Monitors US Embassy Paris
D 7978 September 19, 1994 Harriman French Perspective on Rwanda War Crimes US Embassy Paris
D 6817 January 23, 1995 Harriman French May Press Boutros-Ghali To Appoint Overall Coordinator For Rwanda US Embassy Paris
D 7252 April 28, 1995 Harriman Quai Comments On Rwanda: Development US Embassy Paris
D 7251 June 1, 1995 Harriman Quai Africa Bureau Chief Fumes about Rwanda Demarche [Discouraging FAR incursion from Zaire to Rwanda] US Embassy Paris
D 6545 June 2, 1995 Harriman Arms To The Rwandan Ex-government Forces US Embassy Paris
D 613 January 26, 2007 Stapleton, Craig Roberts C/T Judge on France, Rwanda, Pakistan, and his political future (Jean-Louis Bruguiere) US Embassy Paris